Sunday Mornings

Everyone is welcome to join us on a Sunday Morning at The Regis School, Westloats Lane, PO21 5LH, where we meet for worship from 10.30am.  

We meet together with a heart for glorifying God, encouraging each other and learning how to live our lives in the fullness of all that God has given us; in the way we were created to live.   We do all of this in many different ways.   


We believe that music is a great way for us to connect with God together. 



We usually have a time of worship with music each Sunday morning, we are sensitive to what the Spirit of God is doing among us during this time and there is lots of freedom for creativity in personal and corporate expressions of praise and worship. 


We value good, bible-based teaching and seek to find ways to make the word of God accessible to all.  

At the moment we hear extended teaching from the bible every other Sunday morning.  We have teachers from within our church family as well as visitors who we are connected to in various ways.  The Sunday-morning teaching is often based on a theme, which is inspired by what God is currently speaking to us as a family.  

Throughout the year we have teaching at other times, on other days of the week, responding to what is needed and where it is guided by the Holy Spirit.  


Our open meetings involve encounter with God. 

We set some Sunday morning meetings aside with extra time for seeking to personally and corporately encounter and hear from God.  This means that we have more space for music and worship, focusing on  listening to God and receiving from Him.  There is also space for us to share, with each other, what we feel God is showing us.  

Body Ministry

The open meetings are an expression of body ministry. 

During these open meetings we make extra space for everyone in the family to find opportunity to share with each other what they have received from God.  This is a great time for each person to bring a word or other expression of encouragement, prophecy, testimony and worship. 

children's ministry

Fun and welcoming, this is a place for children and young people to meet God and grow in their faith. 

As part of our Sunday Morning meetings we run sessions for children.  Currently we have two groups:

Explorers for ages 3-8        Ignite for ages 9+

The children's ministry at The King's Gate Church is provided by a team of dedicated believers who are passionate about sharing life-giving truth to children.  Groups go out from the larger meeting for just over an hour of activities which are designed to suit each of the age groups we have.  


Tel: 07594780515 (answer phone) 

Office only address (we don't meet here):

30 Crescent Road

Bognor Regis

PO21 1QG

West Sussex, UK

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Affiliated with Elim, part of the Evangelical Alliance. 

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