Our History

A very brief guide to the 40+ year journey on which our church has been - from the prayer of a handful of faithful believers to the present day.


In about 1971 a group of some 8 to 10 concerned Christians from assorted backgrounds prayed regularly for the Lord to move in the Chichester/Bognor Regis area. This developed into a house group of some 15 believers. All sought a closer walk with the Lord and a deeper understanding of scripture.

Roger Price, originally an atheist, met the Lord at university and subsequently became Head of Geography at a school in Chichester, whilst living in Bognor Regis. He had a remarkable grasp of doctrine and of the Lord's provision for the gathered Body of Christ.

Initially a small group, including Roger, met in a home in Chichester. They were then joined by agroup that had been meeting in Bognor and in due course the Chichester Christian Fellowship (CCF) was formed.

Regular bible studies were the order of the day, as well as free Spirit-led times of praise and worship. Roger went on to give a series of systematic bible studies which were recorded and are still being sent out across the world to this day (by CCF Tapes).

Numbers outgrew hall capacity and so in 1982 CCF subdivided to meet in Chichester and Bognor Regis. Over time the meeting in Bognor Regis became the larger group.


When in 2007, by mutual agreement, those who were meeting in Chichester decided to form the Riverside Chichester Fellowship, CCF changed its name to The King's Gate Church, and continues to meet in Bognor Regis, currently at the Regis School. In 2017 The King’s Gate Church affiliated with Elim Church Incorporated, and continues to enjoy a good relationship and some shared meetings with Bognor Elim Church.

Roger Price