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Children's ministry

King’s Gate Church Youth & Children’s Ministry

At The King's Gate Church children and young people are a very important part of our church. As such we endeavour to make them feel welcome and included; to enable them to have an active role in church life.


KGC Children and Youth Ministry aims to:

  • Initiate contact and interact with non-church young people

  • Enable young people to participate fully in church and community life

  • Empower young people to make good life choices, develop their skills and grasp their gifting

  • Develop their relationship and interaction with others and with God

  • Encourage young people to inspire others into faith

  • Develop working relationships with other churches in Bognor Regis and therefore offer increased youth work provision


We believe that KGC’s Children & Youth Work has a unique role in the development of our young people. We are able to provide good spiritual guidance and development while also engaging with the outcomes of ‘Every Child Matters' and ' Youth Matters'. Safeguarding is a key priority.

ABlaze Sunday Morning

As part of our Sunday Morning meetings we run sessions for children as part of our Ablaze ministry. Currently we have two groups:

Explorers for ages 5-7        Ignite for ages 8+


The children join with the adults for the first 30 min after which they usually have their own groups until about 12 noon. They can be found doing a whole variety of activities such as quizzes, games, interactive stories, challenges, discussions, craft plus times for reflection. All the activities are based on Biblical themes.  Once a month we have a shorter Family Service where the children stay in.

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